Solutions that empower people to prioritize their well-being & work-life balance, & connect with the support & resources they need to thrive.

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build prevention capacity & well-being literacy on campus

Student Wellness Card Sort for Colleges & High Schools

Engage your students in developing self-awareness, resilience, and self-care skills so they can take charge of their mental health and well-being and reach out for the support they need to succeed in school and beyond.

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improve employee engagement & retention

Work-Life Balance Assessment for Employers

Reduce burnout and improve engagement by supporting your employees in clarifying and implementing their personal and professional goals, while promoting a culture of caring and well-being at your organization.

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help students develop their own definition of success

Career Values Card Sort for Career Centers

Give your students an engaging tool to help them identify their career and work-life balance values, have meaningful career conversations, and align future career decisions with what's most important to them in work and life.

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build the career & life you want

Card Sort Tools for Individuals

Get clear about what you want and need personally and professionally, develop specific goals and an action plan, and get the support you need at work and home to build a happy, healthy, and purposeful career.

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Simple language & helpful prompts for thinking & talking about mental health, well-being & balance.

It's hard for people to identify their specific needs, especially when they're feeling overwhelmed. Give your students and employees clarifying tools that help generate meaningful conversations about what's most important to them, while building a culture of caring at your school or organization.

  • "Sometimes it's hard to express how you actually feel, or what may be overwhelming and frustrating. These cards are a great way to express how you feel and try to figure out what needs to be prioritized and how to improve wellbeing."

    - Brenda L., Fordham University Student & JED Foundation Graduate Intern

  • "The card sort manages to lead us through a fairly involved exercise simply and quickly, and brings very important information about work-life balance into immediate focus. Wellness values and priorities get clarified in an illuminating way."

    - Elizabeth Clayton, Total Health Wellness Specialist, Healthcare HR

  • "A really stimulating tool that helps put language into a priority setting process, helping users find, live, and be more of what they want. The card sort uniquely makes the process more engaging."

    - Dr. Rich Feller, Distinguished Teaching Scholar & National Career Development Association Past President

  • "I knew when I ventured back into the workforce after having been a stay-at-home parent, I wanted to explore a new career path. The card sort was the perfect tool to help me find my direction while reminding me that family and time for myself is also important."

    - Lisa P., Select Board Member, Municipal Leader & Mom of Two

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