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Today's students and employees are stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out, and their mental health and well-being are suffering.

Give them tools to help them thrive.

We offer interactive card sort tools that help your students, employees, or clients clarify what they need to take care of themselves and take meaningful action toward their wellness, career, and work-life balance goals, while offering schools and businesses actionable data insights to inform their programs, decisions, and interventions.

  • For Wellness Directors & Student Affairs Leaders

    Support college students in discovering a clear path to their well-being by offering them a way to identify and express their mental health and wellness priorities and connect with the resources they need.

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  • For Business Leaders & HR Professionals

    Help your employees clarify, communicate and implement their personal and professional goals, moving them closer to balance, health and fulfillment.

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  • For Career Counselors & Career Services Providers

    Lead your students and/or clients through an engaging process to help them identify and articulate what, specifically, they want their career and life to look like, and what they can do to get there. 

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  • For School Counselors & Educational Leaders

    Help your students tend to their mental health and well-being as they build their futures and determine their own definition of success.

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A structured process that provides simple language and helpful prompts for talking about mental health, wellness, and work-life balance.

It's challenging for people to identify and discuss their specific priorities and needs, especially when they're feeling anxious or out of balance. Give your students and employees tools that help generate deep reflection, a clear vision, and meaningful conversations about what's most important to them personally and professionally, while building a culture of caring and well-being in your community.

  • Provide your students or employees with our digital tool to help them clarify their priorities & values

  • Encourage them to share their priorities & goals & connect with the support & resources they need

  • Use timely, actionable data insights to get a pulse on their top priorities & needs on a population level

  • Align your programming with their needs to best support their mental health & well-being

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