Simple solutions for supporting wellness & work-life balance

Help your students, employees, and clients clarify their values, express their needs, and connect with supports and resources to help them thrive.

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Today's students and employees are stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out, and their mental health and well-being are suffering...Give them tools to help them succeed and thrive.

Grounded in a holistic, wellness-based framework, Balanced Card Sorts offers simple, user-friendly digital and hands-on card sort tools you can give your students and employees to help them sort out what they need to take care of themselves, build purposeful and satisfying careers, and take meaningful action toward their wellness and work-life balance goals.

Simple tools. Powerful insights. Meaningful Conversations.

Student Career Values Card Sort

Helping students uncover their career and work-life balance values, determine their own definition of success, and explore careers that fit with who they are.

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Student Wellness Card Sort

A tool to help students think and talk about their mental health and wellness needs, connect with needed resources, and make small changes to improve their overall health.

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Work-Life Balance Assessment

A holistic approach for clarifying and communicating professional and personal priorities, setting achievable goals, and reducing burnout.

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Our engaging tools provide simple language, helpful prompts, and a structured process for talking about mental health, wellness, and work-life balance, helping to build a culture of caring and well-being in your community.

It's hard for people to identify and discuss their specific priorities and needs. Give your students and employees tools that help generate deep reflection, a clear vision, and meaningful conversations about what's most important to them personally and professionally, and encourage them to connect with the resources they need to build happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

We're proud to partner with these schools and organizations committed to prioritizing student and employee well-being:

What people are saying about Balanced Card Sorts...

The Work-Life Balance Assessment manages to lead us through a fairly involved exercise simply and quickly, and brings very important information about work-life balance into immediate focus. Wellness values and priorities get clarified in an illuminating way. I think people will get so much out of this tool.  

Elizabeth Clayton, Healthcare System Wellness Specialist

A really stimulating tool that helps put language into a priority setting process, helping users find, live, and be more of what they want. The card sort uniquely makes the process more engaging.

Dr. Rich Feller, Professor, Distinguished Teaching Scholar & NCDA Past President

The Work-Life Balance Card Sort is an incredible tool for helping my clients to clarify their needs and values while quickly pinpointing specific areas that we can work on in therapy together to bring more balance, meaning, and mental wellness into their lives.  

Christy Cole, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

There's something magical that happens as people move cards around and make decisions about what they value. I use many card sorts with clients, and now I'm adding the Work-Life Balance cards to my mix.

Jim Peacock, Principal, Peak Careers Consulting

Empower your students, employees, and clients to take charge of their well-being and work-life balance needs.

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