For Employers

Happy, healthy and fulfilled employees are energized, engaged and productive employees.

The world of work has changed forever... and so have your employees.

Burnout certainly existed before COVID, but the stress, uncertainty, and extended length of the pandemic amplified employees' emotional exhaustion, disconnection from work, and reduced sense of career efficacy. 

But at the same time, COVID has given many employees time and space to step back, and reflect upon what's working and what's not working in their careers. 

Your employees are re-evaluating and re-imagining what they want for themselves. They want to do good work that they can be proud of, while also having time and energy for the other things in their lives that matter most to them. They want more flexibility. They want more control. They want more balance.  

Help your employees find better balance & wellness

One of the most important things you can do as an employer is to listen to your employees try to understand their specific work-life balance needs and priorities, and have meaningful conversations with them about what supports and resources are available to them for better balance.

  • What do they need to feel energized?
  • What do they need to feel healthy?
  • What do they need in order to care for themselves and their families?
  • What do they need to feel connected to and inspired by their work? 

The Work-Life Balance Assessment is a simple, engaging tool that can help your employees clarify, communicate and implement their specific professional and personal goals; moving them closer to balance, health and fulfillment. 

If you are interested in discussing a customized Work-Life Balance Assessment workshop, training, package or gift options for your employees, please email us directly at: or Contact us