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Understanding values supports career fulfillment, growth, and whole-person well-being. To ensure career satisfaction, helping your students or clients understand their career values and work-life balance priorities is equally as important as helping them explore their interests, skills, aptitudes, and personality type.

Our digital and hard-copy Work-Life Balance Assessment and Career Values Card Sort are engaging tools for helping your students, employees, or clients explore, clarify, and articulate their career and work-life balance needs and goals.

The Work-Life Balance Assessment

Meant for working professionals, the Work-Life Balance Assessment is an interactive tool that will help your clients or employees clarify and take action toward their specific professional and personal goals - moving them closer to balance, health, and fulfillment. Grounded in the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, this tool emphasizes whole-person wellbeing, and helps the user name what they need, at work and at home, in order to find better balance and thrive.

The Career Values Card Sort

The Career Values Card Sort helps high school and college students, as well as working professionals, get clear on what's most important to them when they think about how, where, when, with whom, and why they want to work, and teaches them how to ask important questions during career conversations, informational interviews, and formal interviews to best align their work with their values, prevent burnout, and feel engaged and fulfilled in their career.

Read More about the Importance of Values Clarity:

Balanced Card Sorts was recently invited to contribute the Featured Article for the August 2023 edition of the National Career Development Association's (NCDA) Career Convergence Magazinewhich highlights the importance of helping our students and clients identify and talk about their career and work-life balance values, and priorities. 

"While knowing one’s values won’t alone help clients choose a career direction, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of what is held most important, both in work and life, and is equally important as assessing and understanding skills, interests, aptitudes, strengths, and personality type. Values assessment and clarity should be woven into the career exploration work career professionals do with every one of their clients, regardless of age or career level."

Read the article here.

Why Card Sorts for Career Values Assessment?

Card Sorts are informal, narrative assessments that help those we serve tell their story, and envision what they want their future to look like:

Card sorts can spark conversation…especially with those who struggle with opening-up and describing how they feel or what they want.

Card sorts are hands-on…they are a tactile, interactive experience that can actually be fun!

Card sorts are process-oriented…they can help your clients/employees examine their priorities, wants, and goals deeply, and discuss, in the moment, the “why” behind their choices.

Card sorts are visual… they allow clients to categorize their career and personal priorities and see them laid out in front of them all at once, helping them get a clearer, holistic picture of their career and life goals.

Card sorts are user-friendly and accessible… they are not intimidating or overwhelming like some other assessment tools.

Card sorts have face-validity…clients are not likely to be caught off guard by their results, and they’re able to interpret them based on their own experiences.

Card sorts can be used or administered by anyone, and with multiple clients…they don’t require any special training or expensive certification to administer, and they can be used over and over again.

 If you're from a college/university or high school, and are interested in learning more about discounted school-pricing, bulk orders, and using our tools with your students please Contact us directly to request a demo.

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