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If you’re a career counselor, coach, advisor or mental health counselor, the Work-Life Balance Assessment is a powerful, accessible, and effective tool for helping your clients clarify and articulate what, specifically, the want their career and life to look like, and what they can do to get there. There are many benefits of using card sorts with clients, including:

Card sorts can spark conversation…especially with those who struggle with opening-up and describing how they feel or what they want.

Card sorts are hands-on…they are a tactile, interactive experience that can actually be fun!

Card sorts are process-oriented…they can help your clients examine their priorities, wants, and goals deeply, and discuss, in the moment, the “why” behind their choices.

Card sorts are visual… they allow clients to categorize their career and personal priorities and see them laid out in front of them all at once, helping them get a clearer, holistic picture of their career and life goals.

Card sorts are user-friendly and accessible… they are not intimidating or overwhelming like some forced-choice, psychometric career assessment tools that result in a test score.

Card sorts have face-validity…clients are not likely to be caught off guard by their results, and they’re able to interpret them based on their own experiences.

Card sorts can be used or administered by anyone, and with multiple clients…they don’t require any special training or expensive certification to administer, and they can be used over and over again (our card sorts are printed on high-grade, playing-card quality card stock, and are designed for multi-client use).

 Counseling & Coaching Products

The Work-Life Balance Assessment - ONLINE

If your client would like to complete the Online Assessment, they can be directed to: Once they've purchased access to the assessment ($15) clients will be prompted with step-by-step instructions for sorting the Personal Priority and Career Priority cards. As a practitioner, you can also purchase a unique access code if you'd prefer to purchase the online assessment in bulk (in packs of 5 or 10 Online Assessments), and send the code to your clients, giving them free access to the Assessment. Feel free to contact us directly to learn more. 

After clients have completed the card sort activity, they’ll be provided with a customized, printable/save-able PDF report, which includes their results, 15 follow-up and goal-setting questions, and an optional/additional 8 questions and activities they can complete if they'd like. Clients can then email their report and results to you, which will help guide your work together during your next session(s).
    To go to the online version of the Work-Life Balance Assessment click HERE


    The Work-Life Balance Assessment Professional Package

    When you purchase the Work-Life Balance Assessment Professional Package, you’ll be provided with:

    A high quality card deck (multi-use), which includes 30 Career Priority and 30 Personal Priority cards.

    10 Work-Life Balance Assessment Instruction & Question Guides, which include card sort instructions and 15 structured follow-up and goal-setting questions for your clients to fill out and take with them.

    A worksheet with 8 additional/optional questions and activities for you to use with your clients over the course of your work together to help them process their results and goals more deeply.

    Unlimited access to our Work-Life Balance Assessment Community of Practice, a professional member community, including a private member Facebook page and monthly online meetings for career counselors, coaches and other professionals using the Work-Life Balance Assessment with their clients. 

    If you're interested in purchasing the Professional Package, please click HERE

      * Additional Instruction & Follow-up Question Guides may be purchased in packages of 10 if needed.


      Join Our Community of Practice for Career Professionals

      The Work-Life Balance Assessment Community of Practice is a member-based group for career counselors, coaches, and other likeminded professionals who work with clients to support them in their personal and professional development, and who use the Work-Life Balance Assessment card deck in their practice. Each month, Anush Hansen (Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Career Counselor, and creator of the Work-Life Balance Assessment) will facilitate an hour-long videoconference for professionals who use the Work-Life Balance Assessment with their clients. These meetings are meant to be a supportive environment, where members can ask questions, share stories, strategies, and resources, and connect with others using the Assessment to help their clients reach their career and personal goals. An invitation to become a member of the Work-Life Balance Assessment Community of Practice will be included with your purchase of the Professional Package, or with a bulk purchase of the Online Assessment with Access Code.