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Balanced Card Sorts

Work-Life Balance Assessment (online, multi-use for businesses & coaches)

Work-Life Balance Assessment (online, multi-use for businesses & coaches)

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If you're HR or wellness professional, business, counselor or coach who would like to provide your employees or clients with the digital version of the Work-Life Balance Assessment, you can purchase a Multi-use Digital Access Code.

After you complete your purchase, a unique Access Code will automatically be emailed to you, along with instructions for tracking your code, and for sharing your code with your employees or clients.

When your clients or employees have finished sorting their cards online, a Results Report & Question Guide will be generated for them, which they can download as a fillable PDF report. Their report will also be automatically emailed to them.

If you have questions about incorporating our tool into your existing wellness or work-life balance programs, purchasing an access code or about how to best use the digital sort with your employees or clients, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to help.

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