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Balanced Card Sorts

Student Wellness Card Sort (hard-copy deck)

Student Wellness Card Sort (hard-copy deck)

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The Student Wellness Card Sort is a simple tool that helps youth and young adults ages 12-25 prioritize their needs and goals when it comes to their health, balance and wellness. 

Developed using a holistic, wellness-based framework, this card sort activity addresses students' physical, mental, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, environmental and financial health, and helps them identify what they need more of to help reduce stress and improve their overall wellbeing

This tool includes 40 wellness priorities, which students sort and rank based what they want more of, what they already have enough of and what they currently don't need in their day-to-day life. It also includes an inserted guide that walks them through a series of structured questions  to help them:

  • reflect upon the meaning and importance of their top wellness priorities
  • look for connections and themes across those priorities
  • chose one specific priority to start working on
  • identify things that might be getting in the way of incorporating that priority into their life
  • set a related goal and implement small, micro-steps they can take to move toward their goal, building more balance and wellness into their life

Although the inserted guide includes all of the follow-up questions that accompany the card sort activity, there is also a 12-page color Student Wellness Card Sort Workbook for those who want to offer their student(s) an additional resource for recording and organizing their results. 

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