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Balanced Card Sorts

Student Career Values Card Sort (hard-copy deck)

Student Career Values Card Sort (hard-copy deck)

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The Student Career Values Card Sort offers youth ages 12-25 the opportunity to identify their career and work-life balance values, and gets them in the habit of making career choices based on those values as they explore and build their career. 

This simple, hands on activity is designed to help students think about building a career that fits with who they are and what they want their work-life balance to look like moving forward. It considers career values from a holistic perspective, and incorporates values that speak not just to their career and occupational health, but to their wellbeing as a whole. 

This tool includes 45 career and work-life balance values, which students sort and rank based on their importance. It also includes an inserted guide that walks them through a series of structured questions and activities to help them:

  • reflect upon the meaning and importance of their top values
  • determine their own definition of "success"
  • get curious about and explore career ideas that align with their values
  • set up meaningful conversations and informational interviews with people who can help them learn more about different careers

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