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Balanced Card Sorts

Student Career Values Card Sort: Workbook (hard-copy)

Student Career Values Card Sort: Workbook (hard-copy)

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This 12-page color workbook and curriculum accompanies the Student Career Values Card Sort, and serves as a tangible resource for students to process and organize their values through writing/journaling that they can take away with them after they've completed the card sort.

The workbook walks students through:

  • Identifying and reflecting upon the meaning and importance of their top 5 career values
  • Conceptualizing their own definition of "success"
  • How to ask questions and learn more about career ideas that align with their values
  • How to set up meaningful conversations and informational interviews with people who can help them learn more about different career and educational paths
  • The importance of checking in with one's values on a regular basis throughout their career

This engaging workbook is a step-by-step guide for helping students organize, check in with, and live by their values as they start out in their professional lives - setting them up for purposeful, engaging and successful careers.

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